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Matt Stephani

Matt Stephani

President, Cavanal Hill Investment Management Cavanal Hill Investment Management
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Strategy
  • Portfolio Management

Matt Stephani is a successful, highly motivated financial markets professional with 20 years of experience managing public equities across all sectors. He has developed industry-specific expertise in the healthcare, energy and industrial sectors. He previously led the award-winning Fundamental Equity Research team, where he developed new strategies and established a strong track record of performance. In his current role, Stephani is responsible for the fixed income, cash, and equity management teams of Cavanal Hill as well as all other aspects of the firm including trading, risk management, marketing, client servicing and compliance.

Stephani earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting from Brigham Young University. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Stephani joined the Cavanal Hill family as an equity portfolio manager in 2006. He enjoys seeking out investment opportunities that may be misunderstood, neglected, undervalued or capable of sustainable above-average growth.

Outside of the office, Stephani loves traveling and sports. He has four children who love playing basketball, volleyball, skiing and other outdoor activities.

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Matt Stephani

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